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Genesis Be is a critically acclaimed Hip Hop artist, songwriter and activist from Biloxi, MS. Her catalog boasts seven original albums and her work has been featured in Billboard, Yahoo Music, LA Times, VICE and more. A graduate from NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, Be incorporates themes of social justice, sensuality and abstract minimalism in both her visual art pieces and her music. Her upcoming album and art exhibit, People Not Things, debuts March 2019 in Los Angeles. Her unique perspective explores and challenges our concepts of humanity, exploitation, race dynamics, queer identity and sensuality using multimedia. Her work is often self-critical and satirical at times. G.Be states "I am an activist because I am a hopeless romantic, I cannot hide my passions nor my pain. My concern for the disregard of the human condition overwhelms me as does the love, magic and wonders I've witness in our World. My art is the vehicle through which I emote" She currently resides in Atlanta, GA.

Genesis Be describes her new album and visual EP, People Not Things, as:

“a sensual endeavor that uses lyricism and melodic rap to explore my past & present relationships with women. The visuals of PNT explore femme energy in a multi-faceted way. In rap and pop mainstream, relationships between women are often explored in an exploitive or derogatory way. I wanted to create a realistic experience that explores the nuances of our relationships...the heartbreak, the tension, the passion, the fear, the touch, the transcendance.

The single “On Top” describes a past tryst wherein my lover was in a committed relationship with a man who allowed her to explore her sexuality freely. The choreography and vibrance in the video explores a sensual playfulness between two young women of color.”

PNT is unique because it only features and employs women of color, from the actors, choreographers, dancers, directors and writers. The majority are queer women of color, which Be decided early on was an important factor in the creation of the project stating  “Growing up, I never saw women who looked like me or loved like me represented in the songs or videos on tv. When it was explored, it centered around the power and humanity of a male artist. I wanted to create a project where only women are visible, not just as a love interest but all types of women. This is not to exclude men because we have some amazing ones working on the project in production & engineering. It's just more of a personal passion project for any little girl who feels like she's not visible in today's Hip Hop aesthetic”.

Directed by Rae Maxwell, People Not Things, is part of a larger traveling art exhibit by the same name that features paintings, audiovisuals and childhood blueprints all created by Be. The exhibit debuts in Los Angeles, Tag Gallery, March 1, 2019 and will then travel to New York City. The music portion of PNT is executive produced by Be and Grammy-award winning engineer, Ebonie Smith, of Gender Amplified.


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Quotes & Poetry

By G.Be #GBe

“The illusion of Freedom is deadlier than any shackle placed upon us”

“Autumn leaves don’t die in vain, there’s beauty in their pain”

“LOVE… is the only substance for which we do not need moderation”

“Our society is Traumatic, No Wonder We’re All Addicts”