"I'm not as woke as yall think... I sleep like 11 hours every night" - G.Be #GBe

“The illusion of Freedom is deadlier than any shackle placed upon us” – G.Be #GBe

“Autumn leaves don’t die in vain, there’s beauty in their pain” – G.Be #GBe

“LOVE… is the only substance for which we do not need moderation” – G.Be #GBe

“Our society is Traumatic, No Wonder We’re All Addicts” -G.Be #GBe

“Not sure where I’m Going, But I know I’m Growing” -G.Be #GBe

“The concept of freedom is the basis of Everything” – G.Be #GBe

“As an artist, I am an exaggeration of my ideals” – G.Be #GBe

“I Need to hear you Believe in Me,

My Insecurities Almost Defeated Me” – G.Be #GBe

“A BLUE check ain’t shit without a NEW check” – G.Be #GBe

“When a fruit rots, there is not much you can do to stop it’s decay. The fruit has to disintegrate and completely dissolve in order to become beneficial to the ecosystem. It’s decay will provide the nutrients needed for something new and beautiful and pure to grow. We’ve delayed the decline too long. Be at peace, we’ll need your energy to rebuild.” – G.Be #GBe #Election2016

“To all my friends who are raising children…Thank you for your service. I can’t think of a more important form (or more difficult form) of activism than raising a child and instilling love, freedom of individuality, compassion and human decency in them..Thank you. I’ll continue to do my work, for them… and you continue to do yours.” – G.Be #GBe

“I speak so soft, but got the heart of a Lion” – G.Be #GBe

“The gaping wound of American Bigotry can no longer be covered up by a band aid and ignored.You must believe a Nation when it tells you who it is and what it stands for.The hearts of American people need to be reached, and it takes much more than just voting every 4 years. There is a sickness and healing is needed. I know you are angry, I know you are fearful… but this had to be revealed. We cannot deny or delay the natural consequences that years of bigotry, overt oppression, sexism and racism has brought upon us… Let the cleansing begin” – G.Be #GBe

“She emotes with such a passion that even the artist in me cowers… But the Warrior in me, won’t allow me to disengage.”-G.Be #GenesisBe

“I Dream of A United Mississippi”
-G.Be #GenesisBe

“This year I stepped out of one box,
Just to end up in another.But I know freedom is near”
-G.Be #GenesisBe

“No Fear. Only Truth”
-G.Be #GenesisBe

“In a recent interview I was asked why I never use the “N word” in my music. Okay.. Lol

One, I don’t use the word in real life so…. Yeah. If you do, that’s your prerogative, i don’t have it in me to utter it.

Two, when I reunite with my ancestors in the hereafter, I don’t want it to be awkward.

Lastly, A large majority of consumers of hip hop are young white youth… I won’t be the reason why they feel justified in reciting the word.”-G.Be #GenesisBe

“No regrets. No excuses. Only progress” -G.Be #GenesisBe

“Speak the Truth,
the reaction you get will weed out your Enemies from your Supporters”
-G.Be #GenesisBe

“I don’t celebrate ‘Valentine’s Day’
But I do celebrate Love. Everyday.”-G.Be #GenesisBe

“Keep callin yourself a #God and you’ll forever be a slave.

Be a decent human being first” -G.Be #GenesisBe

“The World has a weird way of chipping away at you until that pure, imaginitive, innovative you… becomes a stranger sometimes.

I know she’s deep down there cause she shows her face sometimes, but I want her here all the time.

All the time.” -G.Be #GenesisBe

“I’m on a Battlefield with no advantage.
Just me, myself and no baggage.
My heart and mind they go at it.
It’s so tragic.
So I accept my fate like old addicts”
-G.Be. #GenesisBe
#rip #MarShawn

“My fascination with the dark & grotesque is natural… I think. The key is to create art in such away that you get these images out of your own head and still inspire others in some strange way.
I’m so blessed. Dear Music.”
-G.Be #GenesisBe (Inspired by Alexander McQueen)

“It’s hard for me to mourn artists.
We are immortal in my mind.
Just throw on your favorite song and summon his spirit.”
-G.Be. #GenesisBe (In regards to David Bowie)

“There are some people on this Earth,
Who see things that nobody else can see… can hear things no one else can.

Because no one else can see it… they call that person crazy. Mentaly ill. They ridicule them at times and discourage the vision.

But always hold on to your vision, believe in it always and bring that dream to reality.

Because they might call us crazy at first but they will eventually call us
Visionaries.” -G.Be. #GenesisBe

“I collect college degrees and have a Plan B & C to make money outside of this music shit, because all my favorite rappers are BROKE or in Debt”
-G.Be. #GenesisBe

“Because I never really grew up…
I just grew confident.”
-G.Be. #GenesisBe

“A woman who fears death can never truly fulfill her Destiny”
-G.Be. #GenesisBe

“Forgive yourself baby.

There’s not a human on this Earth who has not made mistakes or does not have shame for something they’ve done

You deserve every bit of GREATNESS that you are meant for.

Forgive yourself and get back on the path you are meant to be on.”
-G.Be. #GenesisBe

“Around the World. The YOUTH are RISING.
Not SURPRISING. Take your Freedom.
If they don’t compromise we DELETE EM’
Cause we don’t NEED EM!”
-G.Be. #GenesisBe

“My Family & my Legacy…
Are the only f*cks that I give”
-G.Be. #GenesisBe

“You became Anti-American…
The moment you chose patriotism,
Over humanity.” -G.Be. #GenesisBe

“You fell in Love with an Artist.
I’m nothing short of a Narcissist.
But that bright light in my confidence.
Is a reflection of a Goddess” -G.Be. #GenesisBe

“Inside of me,
Awaken what is dormant.
Find that hidden place.
Invisible to the World.
And search for me there.
I’m waiting.” -G.Be. #GenesisBe

“I’ve always been lonely.
Even as a child.
Even when in a relationship.
I find comfort in my solitude
And I embrace it.
I’ve Always been A charismatic introvert.
A shy girl. Fly girl.” -G.Be. #GenesisBe

“I was a Pharoah in my past life,
I was Birthed from the Warrior’s blood, Sweat… of all things…
Reincarnated as the Queen of all Kings…” -G.Be. #GenesisBe

“Exercise the rights you DO have, in order to gain the ones you DON’T have” -G.Be. #GenesisBe

“We stay true. We recite the Oath of the forgotten and fallen. They save our place in the hereafter. As we go through these motions… this motion. Called Life.” -G.Be. #GenesisBe

“A relationship shouldn’t have to be a battle. If there’s competition in a relationship, disrespect, petty rivalry… that’s two children at recess. Not two adults in love. Don’t confuse it” -G.Be #GenesisBe

“Passion in my veins, my heart pumps ambition, Spit it with conviction, Until the whole World listens”-G.Be #GenesisBe

“I’m just black enough to feel right on my block, and just white enough to get by with the cops” -G.Be #GenesisBe

No excuses… No regrets… Only progress.” – G.Be #GenesisBe

You didn’t feed me when I was starving, don’t expect to eat when i’m Head Chef” – G.Be #GenesisBe

Yeah, I’m kind of lyrical… My AUDIO is VISUAL” – No Sleep. – G.Be #GenesisBe

I never use the word “Nigga” because it shows a lack of substance. Rivers of ignorance leads to Oceans of assumptions” – I Don’t Cry No More. G.Be #GenesisBe

A measure of a man doesn’t lie within his pride, his feelings inside or ability to provide. It’s the knowledge he provides and inner workings of his mind. But women take for granted his energy and his time” –  Precious Beyond Measure. G.Be #GenesisBe

He’s acting like a BITCH, I think he need a Tampon” – Tampons & Tylenol. G.Be #GenesisBe

I strive everyday of my life… I think twice every time I want to cry” I Don’t Cry No More – G.Be #GenesisBe

I never leave the block without mine, you won’t see G.Be laid out in white chalk outline” – No Sleep. G.Be #GenesisBe

Your flow is awful… awkward and unthoughtful” – No Sleep. G.Be #GenesisBe

Late night, Early morn… Take flight… Airborne” –  G.Be Late Night Early Morn. #GenesisBe

They say I live a dream, but I don’t even sleep” – LNEM. G.Be #GenesisBe

I made enemies, so I watched my back. Then I made friends… and I watched my back. Either way, I watch my back” – G.Be #GenesisBe

If I died today, my only regret would be the sadness my loved ones would feel. Other than that, no regrets. I’ve lived a wonderful life” – G.Be #GenesisBe

One LIFE, one GOD and ONE REASON, to Strive Till i Rise or until I stop breathin” – G.Be #GenesisBe

You slap the wrist, we BREAK THE ARM… call it Street Justice” – Stop & Frisk – G.Be #GenesisBe

“The fast vehicles and strong buildings. The people become estranged. And are blocked from view” – G.Be #GenesisBe

“I live between the Heavens and the Earth, where the rules do not apply”– G.Be #GenesisBe

“Not everyone will believe in you or support your art. But it’s not about what you get back, it’s about creating and sharing your gift. So express yourself young artists, and share your spirit with the World” -G.Be #GenesisBe

“If I see a bird flying sideways… I know she’s lost in the wind. Not yet strong enough to fly straight” -G.Be #GenesisBe

“We will dance, laugh, play & fight in this realm. And in the hereafter we will be lovers still. As we are kindred spirits” -G.Be #GenesisBe

“I live between the Heavens & the Earth, where the rules do not apply” -G.Be. #GenesisBe


“The Immortal Muse”

A Muse will never die

Immortalized in sacred waves

Her life and light conveyed

In every painting, every page

Every stroke and every note

Of any song I ever wrote

This cold wet dungeon echoes my thoughts

Circling Vultures prepare to feed

On the corpse of every idea

That I’ve never dared to breathe

And then… there’s you

With all your darkness and your splendor

Awakening my subconscious

With every word and every gesture

In your presence, I stay still.

Absorbing all I can

You pick apart my inner child

With every movement of your hand

There are parts of me you’ll never see

Cause that would make me real

The insecurities that drive me

The pain that I conceal

With every Muse, I’ve ever had

A different part of me is freed

Enchanted lands I roam for miles

Witnessing Beauty I can’t conceive

I approach a Forbidden Ocean

Exotic shells line its shores

Every shell is like your body

Harboring deep, a Divine source

I meet a piece of my Creator

When I see you. When we speak

She commands me to release my thoughts

To go find the strength I seek

You see… a Muse just cannot die

Immortalized in sacred waves

Her life and light conveyed

In every painting. Every page.




“No Bars”

My love is such a prison that you can’t escape,
Even though the door is open, you cannot find your way,
Remaining in this cell that you share with other inmates,
Sharing horror stories, never drama, only mistakes.
I feed you now and then, just enough to keep you thick,
I take from you, to feed the beast, this cycle is fuckn sick.
From this cell, I have my picks,
I take and return at will.
You once escaped but could not replace the way that I make you feel,
It’s better in this cell you say,
The World is different to you now.
I taught you light, then showed you darkness.
Neither can you do without.
They fed you empty compliments,
Fake affection, his possession.
But i shared your pain and gave you mine,
I let you breathe, I Kept you guessing.
There are no chains to hold you here,
And that’s what makes you stay.
This beautiful pain & unbearable pleasure keeps you confused & drained.
There is no lock, I have no key to release you from this jail.
But here you stay, forever and ever,
Within this barless cell. -G.Be. #GenesisBe

“The Pull”

I’m like a planet dodging meteors.
Some enter my atmosphere and pass right on through without touching me. Just caught in my gravitational pull for some time.
Others crash into me and have an impact on my life. Losing sight of their own life in the process.
Some just float in a constant rhythm in my gravitational pull, we never collide, but we see each other and effect each other at times.
I wonder if I’ll ever be the meteor, instead of the Planet -G.Be. #GenesisBe


The closest we will come to divinity
Your hand in mine
My mind a blank slate
Stuck in that state
Before I knew the World I know
Back when things were new, simple And sweet -G.Be #GenesisBe


And we’ll face the darkness together, as lovers, as friends. Engaged in laughter, hand in hand. Using our words & smiles, we will make our mark. Our back to the depressed, yet our hands extended to them. You and I. Have work to do. Me and you…
-G.Be. #GenesisBe


“Fort Knox”

_____| |___| |_____

Out of the Norm. Form.

She is made from granite. Ingrained. INSIDE.
Society where she is…Commody.
Possession is the GoD.
Love without ownership is Foreign. Unconditional love is €nknown.
Most struggle to understand.

TRUE power, it’s hidden deep within her stone.

I saw her once, without her mask.
Her past… and her pain Forgot.
Been blinded since.

From her creation to her implantation, follow closely as she grows.
Soul sent to aid the child that creates the man.
Nurture the seeds, without being poisened.

Such a demand.

I saw her once… lately twice.
No guards up. No Walls up. No Fort Knox.

A Goddess in disguise.
So convincing… that she herself,
forgot her true form.
Molded from granite. Ingrained

-G.Be. #GenesisBe


I set the night on fire,
Just woke up to the ashes.
Flying high on life,
Until it crashes
Love notes scribbled sloppy,
She will never see em.
Prolly couldn’t even read em.
My hieroglyphics are cryptic.
To anyone who is listenin…
Love deep, fight hard
To preserve your vision.

-G.Be. #GenesisBe


Climb your walls
Demolish mine
Lips to your palms
Tracing our journey
Past pain never Dies
But I’ll tell you it Does
So that I can come
Inside your Walls
I Crumble when you smile
The weight of your touch
Pushes me deep
Uncharted waters
Together we seek a different way
To Love, to Live, to Let Go
My young heart knows the Mysteries
Some seek for a Lifetime
I’ll show you. Close your eyes
Fold your arms. Block your heart from me.
Feel my hands, so slow and guided
Feel my Lips
Heaven compressed to 2 inches of flesh
Now open
Embrace me.
Engage me
in a battle of Lust. And as we Fight
Our pain combines, Crashes,
Lashes Out at each other
I’ll pull out all of your fears and present them to you along with mine.
We work, I’ll work you, every inch of you
Until they wash away in the flood you provide
My paramour
Our moonlit adventures are fit for a storybook
Content am I, between your pages

-Genesis Be xo
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When your passive aggression,
Turns to oppression, you lessen,
Your chance to become my extension,
My chance to remain your protection,
From a World disturbed and infected,
A World that warps our perception,
With no recollection
You neglect your intuition
To the point of no forgiveness
As young geniuses we Livin’
On the fringes of existence.
Face to the Light
Our feet on the Fire
Burnt Foundation
Holding up a Million voices of Doubt.
Your anger destroys you more than they do
More than they can
When will you learn?
When will I?

-G.Be xoxo