My entire childhood I was shy… and a cry baby. I was always “too sensitive” and “too quiet”. My father lovingly nicknamed me Shy Rainbow. I had social anxiety, severe OCD and other neurodiverse behaviors that made it very difficult to communicate my thoughts or exude confidence amongst my peers. That all changed when I began rapping at the age of 12. Suddenly, people started paying attention to my deepest thoughts, I started performing in front of large crowds and I had finally found my voice. Twenty years later, it has been a non-stop rollercoaster of rocking stages, building my own brand without a label, being interviewed and building my own fanbase. I’ve had amazing mentors and collaborators along the way that have gifted me with so much valuable knowledge. Three speaking tours and countless concerts later, I’ve learned so much along my journey on how to overcome my stage fright & social challenges, hone in on my message, inspire others and gain strategic press and partnerships. Although I still struggle with my natural mindset’s challenge with social anxiety, I’ve learned to manage it and leverage my opportunities into a fruitful career. At this stage, I aim to share the very unique expertise I’ve gained along the way. I truly believe that every human spirit harbors the ability to inspire an empower those around them.


My Services

I coach next generation leaders, public speakers, aspiring singers & rappers to find their voice, build their brand, navigate the industry and OWN THE STAGE.

I produce and write educational Hip Hop songs (rap) for very specific topics for organizations, i.e. Autism, HIV/AIDS, Domestic Violence etc.

I speak publicly about my experience with racial healing in the deep south, my family legacy in the civil rights movement, navigating a male-dominated industry as a queer female rapper, my meditative and spiritual practices as a sufi Muslim and more.

As a rapper, I ghostwrite for rappers at all levels and write features, choruses for content producers.

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My Purpose

I believe that knowledge is meant to be shared, never hoarded. I use my 15 + years experience as a stage performer (rapping and speaking) to help others find their power to influence their community, workplace and personal circles. Every person, no matter their background or challenges, has a unique story that can inspire others. My purpose is to share my tools, my research, my experience and my wisdom to equip the next generation of leaders to find their voice, build their brands and OWN THE STAGE.

Weekly Videos

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Our Practice

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